Lantern books essay contest

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Writing Contests: Facts and Fakes...And How to Tell the Difference

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Inaugural Banned Book Essay Contest

20th Annual Student Writing for Literacy Library Essay Contest Top prize winners will each receive a monetary award AND a laptop computer!

One special prize of $ will be awarded in memory of Jack and Carolyn Winer for the best overall essay! Jun 12,  · Newspaper for sale! Host Linda Wertheimer talks to Ross Connelly, owner of the Hardwick Gazette in Vermont. After 30 years, he's retiring and holding an essay contest to find a.

Animal Essay Contest. Lantern Books is delighted to announce its first annual Essay Competition. The Lantern is already receiving entries and hope that this will stimulate a lot of new and interesting thoughts about the topic areas, which are Animal Advocacy, Vegetarian.

The contest committee for ‘The Best Book I Read This Year’ Essay Contest desires that every essay submitted be judged fairly.

Therefore, they are requiring contestants and their parents to agree and sign the following statement in order to protect the integrity of the contest. Statehood Day Essay Contest The Indiana Statehouse Tour Office, in conjunction with the Indiana Center for the Book, holds an essay competition to commemorate Indiana Statehood Day each year.

Indiana’s nd birthday is December 11,

Lantern books essay contest
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